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Builder Consulting Internet and Website training services prepare your organization for the new 'dotcom' economy. Successful implementation and use of the Internet is key to the success of companies today. Professional, Certified Internet & Website trainers will provide the best available advice, consultation and training specifically designed around your business needs.
  • Understanding and utilizing the Internet
  • Successful Website Design and Implementation
  • Internet Marketing & Search Engine Registration
  • Competitive Analysis Studies and Recommendations
  • Design and Programming Services
  • Intranet & Internet Specifications
  • Hands-on Internet Training
  • Much more..

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Builder Consulting is a full service Network Installation and Support Services provider offering the following services:

  • Network design and network installation services
  • Network and workstation integration services
  • Local Area Network and Wide Area Network design and implementation
  • Wireless Network Services
  • Installation and setup of servers
  • Ongoing maintenance and support programs
  • Hardware and software selection and purchasing
  • Dial-UP, ISDN, Cable Modem, and DSL service coordination
  • Domain and workgroup configuration
  • Installation of mail services, Internet access, firewalls, and automated backup systems
  • Telecommuting services including high speed and dialup access to the office from the road or home-office
  • Secure access via Virtual Private Networking
  • Online company Intranet and Document Management services
  • Related computer support services
  • Emergency response services
  • Network training services
  • Offsite Network Backup services
  • Network testing and network troubleshooting

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Virtual Tours

All Builder Virtual Tours include...

  • Friendly, professional service
  • Each tour listed on its own website
  • Data can be pulled from MSL with ID#
  • Personal login for users with reports and Internet statistics
  • Large (3x), easy to use Java based virtual tours (little required plug-ins)
  • Easy to market homes and properties with individual website address
  • Your contact information with, easy to market personal profiles
  • Easy to update, HTML or text based descriptions
  • Notification sent when tour complete with easy to use, HTML lin and instructions for posting to MLS
  • Our photographers do have MLS keys for easy access and quick turn-around
  • Grass and skies added at no additional cost (if needed) on one front elevation
  • Each photo is hand edited (no computer color batching) and quality checked before up loading
  • Both Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF and HTML flyers included online
  • Plus much, much more. Please ask for details

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The Official New Home Sales Development System® - Created by Bob Schultz, is a unique, curriculum-based program that fosters transformational results in the selling skills and the management systems of the sales, management and marketing process.

- It is vital to assess a company before attempting to implement any change. Our assessments include an evaluation of human capital, best practices, compensation structure and selling skill levels.

Implementation - We create a unique curriculum from our wide variety of programs. These are customized to streamline the selling process, bring sales skill to a professional level and cause transformational results in the entire organization.

- Throughout the process we employ evaluation and reporting systems to closely monitor and consistently improve conversion ratios.

Reinforcement - Through our world class videoconferencing system and on site coaching, we work individually with our clients in their selling environment to reinforce their learning and hone their skills and techniques in the field.

"Doing what you're doing, the way you're presently doing it, how many sales, are you missing?"
- Bob Schultz

"There's no such thing as Status Quo. On any given day, you're either getting better at what you do, or you're getting worse."
- Pat Riley, NBA Coach

"Eagles don't flock. You have to find them one at a time."
- H. Ross Perot

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